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mark surabian

Body image is something that I have struggled with since I was in high school. Going into my freshman year, I thought I was overweight - and in response, developed an eating disorder. By the beginning of my sophomore year I was 5'8" and weighted 104 pounds. I was diagnosed as having Body Dysmorphic Disorder the following year. Through therapy and counseling I was able to channel my frustration with my body into more positive channels, I began working out, I taught myself about food and nutrition and fell in love with the gym. I decided that I wanted to take my newfound dedication to Fitness to a new level, which is how I came across Ty. I was looking to prep for my first show, and knew that he would be able to help me get to where I wanted to be in a healthy and sustainable way. It can still be a battle from time-to-time, looking at my reflection - but at Tytin Fitness you'll find yourself surrounded by supportive, knowledgeable people that want to help you reach your goals, and will push you (in a healthy way) to get there.


Christa Sasso

I started working with Ty in January of this year. I was a size 14/16 and knew I needed a change to be healthier. Since I started with him, I have gone down to a size 8 and am feeling so much better in my skin. I am more confident, happier, going out more and being more active in general. His meal plans aren't overly complicated like some trainers try to do and while it'll take effort to change your habits, Ty is always responsive and FULL of ideas - so is the rest of the team. I've never had luck with any other program before Tytin Fitness. Literally the best choice I've made in a long long time.

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My journey with Tytin fitness started almost a year ago when I found myself frustrated and unhappy with myself and my fitness progress or lack there of. In my mind I was trying hard but nothing I was doing was correct or effective. After trying to work with a local trainer without success, I contacted Ty directly after seeing him and his studio on FB. I made my consultation and as soon as I walked in, I knew that Tytin fitness would be my new home. After talking to Ty I signed up to work with him 5 days a week. I was hopeful but didn't really know if it would work out. Almost a year later, I'm so happy I sent that message. I'm still working with ty 5 days a week and can't believe the growth I have experienced and the changes we have made together. I have been lucky enough to train with Ty, Monique and Derek and all 3 of them are consistent with Tytin's mission. My time with them has been so great that friends of mine noticed and have joined the gym since. I can't say enough how grateful I am to have found such a place where all that matters is goals and gains. Tytin fitness is a diverse, inclusive and hardcore fitness studio where you will reach your goals. As I keep working on my personal goals I can't think of reaching them without Ty and without Tytin fitness. The studio is my gym but also my sanctuary and happy place and Ty is my trainer but he's also a great friend. Joining Tytin has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.



From having broken bones, torn ligaments, a pinched disc 8 kidney stones, 3 hernia repairs, splitting my head open, growing up with a digestive disorder and mental health issues without really knowing it ...I then found bodybuilding and it changed my life I have now competed 6 times and finally connected up with Ty and he's been working on my posing/nutrition and giving me killer sessions working out! I have seen tremendous improvements and I feel like I am apart of something great with everyone on the team! Also with that being said you could say I have to fight battles but it hasn't taken any hope away from me its only made me into the man I am today and i wanna let everyone know there is light even in the darkest places so be yourself and keep fighting it never gets easier you just get way better!


Since I was a kid I've always been pretty active. Played baseball for 15 years and in my freshman year of college I tore my ACL MCL and meniscus. Scholarship was cut and had to come back home to finish school. Ended up getting depressed and in turn became overweight and didn't really care about diet or working out. Looked in the mirror one day and realized something had to change so I started lifting and focused more on living healthier. It's been about 2 years since I started and wanted more of a challenge for myself. I prepped for a show last September and had so much fun and wanted to keep doing more. So one of my friends mentioned to me that I should meet with his coach and that is how I met Ty. Been working with Ty for about 2 months now and I have learned so much about lifting and nutrition and have a new outlook on fitness. So appreciative and I'm so glad I got to meet Ty and I can't wait to see what we can bring to my upcoming shows.